by Muerto Rico

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released November 17, 2015

music by Muerto Rico
recorded and mixed by Caspar Wijnberg
artwork by Stefan Ćirić

additional vocals: Stefan Ćirić & Nemanja Ćirić



all rights reserved


Muerto Rico Belgrade, Serbia

A three piece screamo / punk band from Belgrade, Serbia.

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Track Name: Brüte Blavor
This marauding massacre of trust
should stay between the two of us
I know it will
shame's too sharp
I told myself more times than I can remember
I'd cut my arm off rather than have this talk
pointless, useless and thus easy
but you and I both know
that slight invections make the best weapons
to kill this romance and shut this whole farce down
so help me help you
help me set you free
you won't need to feel any emotion towards me
that's what we both want, right?
strangely and simply
I just want you to be happy
you piece of shit
Track Name: Choufflait
Let the devil know I'm near
I'll wait here
the asshole upstairs won't take my calls
so tell me while I wait
how much blood will be smeared today
tell me how come everyone I love will perish without asking
how come I'll drag the others down
I can't know, I must feel
let the devil know I'm near
Track Name: Talk Is Cheap, Silence Is Free
So hard to realize that nothing holds me down
look around and see, I'm my own worst enemy
goes to show I try so hard to tear myself down
and ironically succeed to kill another part of me
alone again
you still can't hate me more than I can hate myself
wish I had something better to say
instead of guessing we'll always be this way
there's something better than all this
it's not the answer to just co-exist
so don't look down as we come to grips
and embrace everything
all there is
all there will ever be
Track Name: 21st Century Bastards
I'm a 21st century bastard
born on a plank of a sinking ship
oh Europe, my captain
full of rats and well mannered thieves
drowning in the blackest sea of no sharks
we ate them all while singing about chivalry
an endless blue circle
with a single fucking star
no matter how we look above
it's just as far
and as we clench our fists
and as we cross our hearts
we remember and forget
who we really are
broken by calamity and by songs of violence
Oh Europe, my captain