Worst Coast

by Muerto Rico

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released September 8, 2015

music by Muerto Rico
recorded and mixed by Caspar Wijnberg
artwork by Stefan Ćirić



all rights reserved


Muerto Rico Belgrade, Serbia

A three piece screamo / punk band from Belgrade, Serbia.

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Track Name: Stay Classy/San Juan
Underneath the stars and above the filth
a thousand paths worth of guilt
I hear you knocking and I don't know what to do
instead I tremble
where do my senses fail me
where do I become someone else
under a different flag or a cross
or a similar dialect
why do I tremble I think I'm fine
think I'm fine
my empty eyes describe perfectly my sense of loss
still you knock like you think that I didn't hear you the first time
I think I'm fine
and so should you
I've chosen my path
I just don't know what to do
for better or for worse
I know I'm not alone
Track Name: Death by Fabio
I just don't care
about your insecurities
and your motivations
just empty words
that still fail to show
how little you mean to me
if I had all the time in the world
I'd still use it for my ego trip
the thing is I know myself
and I know I can't do better
the human condition
means struggling with hate until you die
hoping that we'll all survive
the human condition
means struggling with hate until you die
waiting for an honest smile
if god creates and god destroys
but what if created him
out of fear and shit and tears and hope
why didn't I leave some space for love
I could ask myself the same fucking question
save yourself and pray for me
save yourself and pray for me
we'll see who wins
Track Name: Kevin Babin
I've seen it through the tragedy's eyes
but our lives are not as sublime
I've sensed most of it with a sour taste of cynicism
and comedy tends to be to oblique
too scary to remember
so instead I bite my bread
with a knowing smile
restless mind
no genre for a work of faction
no formula
for honest hearts
Track Name: Go Lioness
You never know how much you can take
untill you look the possibility of failure
in its ugly eyes and ask it for a dance
a sore victim
a sole culprit
better waste it than think you want it
I can sleep
usually not well
sometimes with nightmares
sometimes with wet dreams
sometimes dreamless but riddled with themes
of delusions and questions
that never have any answers
that's why I'd rather be awake
I'd rather be awake
do and make mistakes
I know
I can sleep